my computer has been acting weird and annoying for the past few weeks. can you suggest anything to do besides virus scanners and ccleaner. cause i already tried those. thanks.
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Programs don't make your computer faster. You need more RAM.

Indeed. Programs make your computer run slower.
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Yep, what you do is go to www.google.com and search 'high-end pcs'

Then you find a site that lets you buy them, and click 'add to basket'

Next step is to wait a few days/weeks for it to arrive and then 'install' the new 'program' to your plug sockets and telephone line/whatever and come back here to post your results.

Edit: harshness of me being an annoying b*stard aside, RAM can be bought as external RAM devices, or as upgrades to your computer itself. Neither is cheap to get a noticeable difference...but then it depends what you consider as 'cheap' and how much you are willing to pay.
Freeram xp Pro

end-it-all(or you could just ctrl-alt-del and end processes, which does the same thing)

Firefox for internets... Spybot, Ad-aware.. If you have Norton Anti-virus, get rid of it. The only way to get a virus on Windows 2000, XP, or even Vista is if you are retarded. On top of that, it's a resource hog.

In fact, if you have Windows Vista, downgrade to XP.

Get more ram, that always helps, though it costs money... But then again, so does a new operating system... >.>
im afraid to end processes. i tried doing that the other day and i accidentally ended my belkin internet thing and i had to reinstall it. how do i know which ones to end?
Defrag each month.
Stop any Services that are to do with software/utilities that you don't use.
If you're on Vista, get rid of Aero and the Sidebar.

You need to know other stuff about your computer. Knowing which processor you have makes a big difference in knowing which ram to get.
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most processes u are able to end without harming anything (even if u do screw something up, just reboot and it will be normal again), should be named so that so that u kno basically what it does (ituneshelper, adobe reader <--dont need to be on all the time). RAM has gotten very cheap. if u just want some peice of junk that might not last very long or do the job as well, but will still help, will only cost u a few dollars. www.tigerdirect.com.

agreed on comments about staying with xp and defraging.
RegEdit. Gets rid of unwanted Registry files or something. Meh, it helps though!
remove all the programs you dont use, set up a firewall, virus scan again. any program you download will make your computer slower so you cant download anything that will make your computer run faster exept for anti-virus/spyware
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just curious, what are the specs of your pc?
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If you don't know anything about PC's, I suggest just taking it to a shop and asking what can be done to upgrade it/make it run better. If it's a good shop they can give you a sweet deal on some killer upgrades. But if you wanna do it yourself and know nothing, these two might help. Upgrading memory and upgrading the processor. There's no magical program that will make your computer run better.


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