Ok here is a song I just wrote, and it is the first full song I've written. English is not my first language, and I'm aware of that it might be a bit cliché but I appreciate all help I can get of how to move forward and keep evolving it. It is just a rough draft to get the basic idea down.

When All Is Said And Done

When all is said and done
And you're too weak to run
a broken man
with empty hands

Tornado warning, stirring dust
Caught in a world of mistrust
You're an iron will
now torn by rust

All the time you had
All the voices you heard
Couldn't change the fact
That you got pushed away
By the weight of the world

You will be the only one
To justify what you've done
all that it means
more shattered dreams

When all is said and done
Game over and you never won
a lonely man
who blew his chance

All the time you had
Every minute in the world
Couldn't change the fact
That you got washed away
Two estranged pearls

Morning light can't take away
The angry face of another day
Constant reminder
Her face etched forever in your head
No chain to bind her
All you had
all you shared
is but a memory
vague words you loved
but never said


Thanks for all help!
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