I'm going to get new pickups for my Telecaster for Christmas. I'm stuck between the new EMG actives and the Fender SCN pickups. Both the EMG and the Fender pickups are specially made for Telecasters. I play pretty much every style of music. Which do you guys think I should go with? -David
Seymour duncans!

erm, if the fender ones aren't active, those, because that requires less modification to the guitar and will be cheaper
if they are active
emg's >

(Shoop da Woop)
I don't like the sound of EMGs os SCNs.
Check out gfs maybe?
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i could get either one. moneys not an object.

If money's not an object, go custom wound. For $70-100 each you can get exactly what you want and a far, far better pickup than something of a shelf.