Hey everyone. I was wondering what a pinch harmonic is and how u do it. My friend learned how to do it from his guitar teacher and he wont tell and keeps bragging. Help please
when i do it, i pick a slight bit harder to let a bit of my thumb clip the string
it only works on harmonic points over the pickups. if you rest your finger over the strings and slide em around you cn find em.
remember, a BIT of you thumb, CLIPS the string
too much and nothin will happen

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You know how you do a harmonic on the twelvth fret right , your basically doing the same thing except your using the edge of your finger over your pick to hit a little spot on the string near your strumming hand. I cant really help you much other than that.
If that fails look on youtube
(poor definition: beware) Its when you stroke the string with your pick, but with your thumb you brush the string as the pick goes across, making a high pitched squeal. It can only be achieved in certain areas above the pick ups, and it can be tedious to master without help, but i self taught myself it, so its possible.
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Yea, I taught myself how to do them (On single coils). Helps if you're rockin' humbuckers, bridge pickup is easiest. Lots of distortion also helps, as you pick allow your thumb to gently tap or stroke the string, but quickly, and you should get that "squeal". It takes work, though.
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If you want to hear an example, listen to 2 seconds of any Zakk Wylde song, and you're bound to hear at least 5 of them.