Hey i was just had some questions about routing for a floyd rose bridge... most likely a schaller floyd rose, and i was wondering how would i go about routing for this bridge? i saw that stewmac has templates for it, but do they also come with instructions? this is my first build and im still gathering info on the project, im planning on making a strat copy, 22 fret, with custom head stock, floyd rose, 2 humbuckers, something like tom morello's "arm the homeless"


They'll give you guitar plans and you can ask them to give you a guitar with your exact specs, just ask them, and it's the entire template of the guitar, so you don't have to pay for just the bridge.
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Is the Routing for an OFR the same as a LFR? Cuz as far as I knew, the only difference between them is building quality.

BTW, I'm not talking about a Schaller or Kahler, just the regular LFR.
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Sometimes its different, like on a TRS, Takeuchi, or Jackson JT580 style trem. If you're making a Strat copy, have you considered a Non Recessed Floyd? Easier to route for, plus you can mount a Dtuna once you block it.
I believe the stewmac templates do come with instructions (I have ordered them but haven't received yet. You and also find some more scale drawing of FR routes on the Floyd rose website.