Are you telling me Piccolo from DBZ has his own signature bass?

Since when?
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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F-Bass makes a mean piccolo bass, assuming you've the $3000 to spend.
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You're so wrong. The scale length plays such a huge part in an instruments sound it's not even funny. Also, 1look at playing 1-2-3-4 and then playing 13-14-15-16. The timbre of those same notes only an octave apart form each other, are so different.
Did I start some trend by bringing up piccolo basses?

Anyway, try just buying a set of piccolo strings. I might try that with an extra bass I have lying around.
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Why would you want one. You can acomplish the same thing with a classical guitar, for less money. I mean I have a buncha bass pride. But come on. Those things are so dumb.

Stu Hamm uses a piccolo bass a lot.

And no-one argues with Big Stu.
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Stu Hamm uses a piccolo bass a lot.

And no-one argues with Big Stu.

I do, he has this fantastic basssolo, but he plays it for like 30 yeard. Not fun anymore The guy has talent though...

But I actually see the point of piccolo basses. Dude, buy one if you want it! They can be usefull!
Piccolo basses are generally teh same instrument as the regular bass, although with special strings. However sometimes the piccolo bass will have shorter scale neck also.

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The electric is a string instrument very similar to a four stringed electric bass guitar, but usually tuned one whole octave higher than a normal bass. This results in the lowest note from a piccolo bass usually being equal to the E found on the seventh fret of the A string on a standard bass. To allow such an uptuning, the strings can be thinner, or the length of the neck (the scale) can be shorter. The first option is the most common, and several companies manufacture piccolo sets that can be put on any regular bass, thereby converting any bass into a piccolo bass. Because of the thinner strings, a new nut may be required to hold the strings. Some people prefer a slightly shorter scale, such as 30" or 28".
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