As I've said in other posts, I work at a beer & wine drive-thru. Tonight, a group of Mexican regulars of mine came in with an acoustic they wanted to sell, and aside from a couple small dings and scratches, the guitar was in great shape. After a lot of discussion in spanish and trying the guitar, I ended up buying it for $12 USD and a 12-pack of Modelo Especial. The action is great and it feels pretty solid, but I've never heard of it so I was hoping one of the acoustic gurus could help me with some info about it.

It's a Woods natural finish acoustic, model number W96A. As I said, aside from a couple small dings and scratches, it looks and plays great. The bridge and keys are all solid and even the strings look new (none of them knew how to play, and I didn't want to pry into how they got ahold of it).

Any info would be greatly appriciated
Yeah, I saw that review myself but I was hoping for someone with personal knowledge of the guitar, or who could at least corroborate the review. I tried searching the forum for "Woods acoustic" but I came up with a bunch of threads about people taking their acoustics into the woods

Thanks for the help