Ok. been a lurker for a long time (like 7 years LOL). I made an account simply to bump this thread.

This is the same clarke that's been doing covers with Richsomething24k yeah? If so, yall's pink floyd covers kick major ass.. On the Turning away is ****ing awesome. Comfortably Numb is great too...

THAT BEING SAID... why am I the only one who's replying to this? Do you guys not know this song? This is a tune i thought I'd never hear on UG.... it's just so difficult to replicate. The eagles' harmonies on that track are pretty unique.

I'm not a singer, so i'm not gonna try to crit that... the guitar was spot-on as you brits say. and the vox was just great. You have a great voice and you know exactly where you can use it. keep it up - more covers plz.

C'mon ppl... this is good. give the man some f/b. Clarke is among the best singers i've ever heard post here. He is the Earthquake of vocalists on UG imho.