My voice is a little nasal sometimes. It's only on certain letters like g, t, z. IT's really barely noticeable but I want to get rid of it just to get a perfect speaking voice. So does anyone here have any techniques or ideas? If you know how not to sound nasal when you sing, then tell me cuz that would help too
well maybe trying singing in a slightly lower pitch? plus the are some good nasal singers look at billy corgan :P
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The chick that sits beside me in math class has a really, really, extrenuously nasaly voice and it's so annoying.
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My voice is always nasal, but it's because of my allergies and I'm scared of surgery. Buy The Zen of Screaming, it teaches you how to warm up to get rid of it.
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Take speech class. Sounds like you don't know how to speak English.

I took speech when my voice was nasally on certain letters. Granted, it was when I was really young, it helped loads.