Yellowcard's one of my favorite bands, overall.

musically they are very good; over the years they've come up with some great songs. Mendez can absolutely shred, especially in Cut Me, Mick - one of my favs from Paper Walls. Ryan is a great vocalist and lyricist, too. Sean, Sean. Its amazing how they can pull of spectacular violin in a song, it sometimes Makes the song. LP is probably one of the best drummers in pop-punk and bands alike these days. Hes just amazing. Pete is unfortunately leaving the band after the tour. He was really talented. Most bassists in this genre just lay simple lines. Not him, he was aways moving around on that bass.

Fav Albums

1. Paper Walls
2. Ocean Avenue
3. Underdog EP
4. Lights and Sounds
5. One For The Kids

So live it up for YC.

I like the song "fighting". It's extremely catchy.
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thats another thing about them - all of their songs are extremely catchy
Check out their album, "Where We Stand." You may, or may not like it...I personnally love it...but it's before either Ryan (Key or Mendez) or Pete were in the band, and thus isn't as catchy or musically complicated...it's kinda metal meets emo plus violin.
yes i have just about every single piece of music they've released...
even the horrid stuff pre-ryan key.
but thats the way long gone past.
funny how there's another yellowcard thread right below this one....

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