Well here is my dilemma, I am looking to get a telecaster. and I'm wondering which guitar would be more bang for my buck. I am looking at getting either this SX Tele or this Squier Std. Tele . Honestly, I am most likely not going to do any work to the guitar, in the near future anyway. I have only played acoustics and really have no knowledge about working on guitars. The money saved on the SX would most likely give me a few more bucks to spend on a practice amp. Any advice, especially from someone who has played an SX guitar would be greatly appreciated.
Since i played em both i can just say...

GO FOR THE SX!!! the tone may differ but its just a LITTLE TINY BIT! and the money covers that so just go for it and since it will be your 1st one (electric) then its just PERFECT and you save money money even!
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