OK, so out of curiousity, I am going to see how much it would cost for a custom Jackson Warrior, and I came across an option that I simply cannot decide on.

It asks me if I want a battery cavity for a 9V (if I'm going to get active pickups). But see, that's my question. I was thinking about getting this DiMarzio X2N Passive Pickup in my guitar, because I've heard that the pickup gets some bitchin' distorted tones, like, really, LOTS of treble. Here's the link for the DiMarzio X2N:


^^^There's an image for the lazy. Except my pickup will be the black version.

But this is what makes my question complex: Even though I'm probably get the X2N pickup put in, should I just order the 9V cavity in case if I change my mind and want to put EMG's in it?
why not? or better yet, you could get one EMG and one X2N if you're having that much trouble deciding.


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Probably, unless it costs a lot more with the cavity. It'd be rather troublesome to route out a cavity later, and just having the batts behind the back plate is annoying. Theoretically you loose a little mass and therefore a little sustain, but it probably wouldn't be noticeable.
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Well, someone told me I should get the DiMarzio and an EMG. I've been told that it makes things alot more troublesome to get an active and passive pickup put together.

Whats the deal with that?
Get the cavity anyway. If you never use active pickups, then oh well. If you decide to, you've got the cavity.

Without the cavity, you have to use passives. With the cavity, you can use passive or actives.

The choice is obvious.
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Also, since I'm going to get the DiMarzio pickup, what would be a good passive pickup for the neck position, so I can get that full warm tone used for clean sounds?