ok first i'll tell you what i got. i have a knock off strat, SSH pickup arrangment, i just put a kill switch on it. i had my DOD death metal distortion pedal and my crybaby wah hooked up. and i'm using this old amp, i forget what the brand is. ok here is what happened, i was playin around on my guitar when i stopped playing i heard people speaking spanish coming through my amp. i really don't know what it was either. but it was definitely coming out of my amp. any ideas how this could be happening?
Amplifiers just do that sometimes. It's normal, pedals usually make it worse though. It used to happen to me whenever I turned my phaser on. It stopped after a while though. Try moving your amp to a different part of the room or to a different room.
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Dude, it's the Mexi-gnomes.

Yeah, just move your amp or do something to block transmission.
haha one of my amps use to do that from a taxi radio thing in one part of my friends room you could here some funny stuff
While I was modding my wah and I had it all open and ****, I could hear fairly clearly a local radio station.

It's pretty common, you can try shielding your guitar(since it's a knockoff it's probably got shyte shielding to begin with, and adding the killswitch likely made it even more susceptible) or try moving your amp, in my basement you can just barely hear the radio when using my unshielded strat knockoff on a single coil setting, compared to my room when you can hear almost everything.
yeah i think the killswitch did it, because it didn't do that before i added it. kinda freaky, it's like i have little mexican people in my amp lol