So i have a decent computer. Its an HP Pavillion desktop and is around a year and a half old i think. Its always been pretty fast until around last week. For some reason my cpu is going to 100% whenever i do mostly everything, especially when using the internet. IT makes it relaly hard to use multiple applications. I scanned for viruses and found none. Also when this started, my computers page file usage was at around 1.3 gigs, but i restarted my comp and has lowered to normal since then. But i did notice this started after i downloaded MS Office 2007 and installed it. Any help would be appreciated
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maybe a corrupt copy of Office, try uninstall then see if its still slow

you said pagefile is smaller, that means its using less memory, maybe the system limited the usage so check the minimum size, at least 1.5gb(google how to change pagefile size)

last case if its really bugging you, just format and reinstall everything and you should be fine
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A large pagefile just means you've been running out of memory and windows needs to use the hard-disk instead.

This is definitely a case of poor programming and Microsoft is the culprit. My advice: Download a copy of Knoppix and see if you like it. When you realize that you do, get yourself a linux distribution and start operating on that. It will give your computer 5 more years of faithful service.
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