i was reading on another forum how to make a kill switch effect with the pickup selector switch, but didnt really explain how to do it while playing. can anyone explain how to do this? thank u.
If you have two pickups with weparate volume knobs, like on a Les Paul, turn one of them all the way down. Select the other pickup, and move the switch back and forth from the middle position (which will be silent).
You could also disconnect one of your pickups from your selector switch and switch to the disconnected one.
^what he said, Tom Morello does it a lot... look for Tom Morello Tricks on youtube, might find some cool things.
ok thanks for the explanations. now how do i pull that off while playing? or do i not strum at all, just hammer and switch?
take for example "jordan". when i see buckethead playing it he doesnt hit a strum at all, he just hammers and hits the killswitch button, can this be acheived by just using a selector switch?