For Tommy Emmanuel's song "Angelina," it is hybrid picking. I am wondering which notes to pick and which to fingerpick.. is it whatever is comfortable for me or is there a certain way he plays it?

e ---0---------------------------0-|
B --3------2------0-----------3---|
G -2------2-----2-----2-----2----|
D -------0-----0-----0-----2------|
A --------------------------0-------|
D -----0-----4----5----------------|

Theres a messy little clip from the song. (very beginning)

I pick the first 230, then pick the 0, next 0, then fingerpick 2 and 2. Then pick 4 and 0, fingerpick 2 and 0...

is that right?

i would try to pick 230, pick bottom 0, the the next 022, pick with middle, then ring, then pinky, and follow that pattern, then pick everything on the very last part
but i dont know how to hybrid pick, but i get the jist of it and id do it like that
yeah I get it.. but it kinda looks like Tommy was doing what my method was.. dunno. I guess I gotta find the easiest way.. but im a four finger .. fingerpicker. I don't use my pinky.
I actually wrote a lesson on Hybrid Picking, and hopefully it will go through.

Anyway, if you want to pick the bass notes, hold the pick in between your 1st finger and thumb, and then use the rest of your hand to pluck.

If you want to pick the treble notes, hold the pick between your 1st and 2nd notes.
I'm fairly sure he just picks that entire intro bit

Do it how you feel it sounds nice. I play the song with just my fingers; I like the balance better (versus when I play it with a pick)
I love that song btw, its all picked the beginning, the rest of it is hybrid picking though, except the harmonic part too
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Yeah I think he actually picks that bit without using hybrid, but I could be wrong. I certainly wouldn't use my pinky to fingerpick that sounds a bit unorthadox? I know that in classical guitar playing you never use your pinky.