I'm 15 and live in Kitchener, I'm really into metal, heavy metal, metal/mathcore, and the like and I want to join a band or start a new one, preferably with people around my age. If there's a band I can join I'd prefer to play lead, but I'd be happy with an arrangement like Iron Maiden, among others, where both guitarists trade off rythm and leads.

For an idea of what I listen to, here's my last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/kas_/

If anyone's interested, send me a private message so I can give you my msn and we can chat there.

PS. For the next month or so my guitar is out of commission while I paint/refinish it, put in new hardware, etc. (see thread in GB & C forums), but I'd like to start talking/planning if possible.
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