I'm still new to guitars, I've only had my guitar for a week (yes, I'm very new) and was curious, what's an HSS strat best at?

From what I've found strats are jazz/blues guitars, but does this hold for the HSS variations? Or am I just way off?
Strats are very veratile in SSS form, but the SSS takes that to a new level in my opinion. They can do a jazz and blues in the front positions, and in the rear, they can get a bit heavier tones for heavy rock.
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The bridge humbucker gives "fatter" sounds, and also allows the strat to venture further into metal territory.
As my guitar teacher once said, "a HSS strat is the most versatile guitar possible." I have one, and though I mostly play classic rock type stuff, I do jazz, and heavier stuff too. You just have to modify the amp to your playing style. Try gain at 5, and volume at wherever you think you can compete with the drums playing single note lines, with bass at 7, mids at 6, and highs at 4. Thats what I like, but it's your choice.
Basically, because the bridge pickup is a humbucker, it can handle more distortion. If you play more hard rock kinda stuff, use the bridge pickup. If you are more into clean, bluesy stuff, use the neck/middle pickups because they are single coil.
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I play a little bit of everything. I have a SX strat with the HSS configuration and I was just curious. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about everything I can.

I've still yet to get an amp though -_- I just bought that particular guitar because everyone recommended SX for beginners over Squier, Epi, Ibanez, etc. But again, I've only had the guitar a week, I can play the major, 7th, and minor chords, and the opening to Black Dog and that's about where my experience ends.
HSS strats can basically do just about everything except some country where u want extreme tele twang and death metal in which case u can put an emg in it....somewhere
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