I'd go with the Schecter. Then use the remaining cash to go for a nice amp.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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schecters are nice dude

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Lucky xD

I played a Crate GT1200H / G412SL half stack today through my Ibanez RG2EX2.


My spider III sounded better. >____< But I still rocked that f*cker like I actually liked it. Being as I was in church and it was some weird (freakin' awesome but weird) crackhead who played a natural brown Gibson Faded SG, he was pretty good and made his amp sound okay. But I plugged in and man it handles low ends like ass.

It's even more digital than my spider which is REALLY sad.

I'm asking for an Epi Valve Jr. and a '66 Reissue G-400 + TS9 Tube Screamer, that's all I want for my birthday / christmas.

I don't have $650. >__<
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.