Everyonce in a while ill really play alot, like right now, but I play to much and I get bored, How do you guys have so much fun? seems like im always stuck and i always suck. :r: : ad: :crya:
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How long to you play everyday? If you play for 6+ hours, then now wonder. . .

I usually just play some songs I like to solve my boredom. Usually learning something new would solve that problem too.
Hmmm... do you only play a certain type of music? If so, branch out a bit. When I get bored with something, I learn another thing. Like if you play a lot of punk, try blues or something.
No I cant play anything really, everything I try I just SUCK. I tried learning some scales, made no sense because theres no scales for dummies guides. and learning rythm just sucks.... so im bored out of my mind.
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takes a while and the first month or so is always the worst just learn the major chords and scales and take it from there, always the most boring stuff but you cant do anything untill you really have an idea on some theory and basics down. also try learning basic/easy songs preferablly from bands you like and a song you like.
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Yea except i dont understand theory lessons and people telling me to learn it and scales it just screws the whole point of asking for help up.

Favourite song? new drug by thousand food krutch.
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I would forget about scales right now that can get boring fast. Just find a song you really like that sounds relatively easy and find the tab. Even if you can't play the whole thing just learn a couple riffs from it and play those. I find working hard on a song and finally getting it right makes you want to keep playing.
I think progress will feed your motivation. You have to recongize that you are getting better somewhat. I know that if my friends heard me now they would think I was way better than when I was playing like 5 months ago. Even though I don't really notice it, I do a little bit but maybe not to someone that hasn't heard me for a while. Once you recongize yourself doing this you will get the motivation. I'll do the same thing where i'll play for a while then stop then start back up again and play a lot and stop. I think I stop because I stop trying to get better and make more successes.
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I think progress will feed your motivation.

That's really the best answer. I took a ten year break and am now getting back into playing, and I'm having more fun now than I ever did. This is what I learned. Like most beginners I found my clumsiness around the fretboard discouraging. Trying to learn songs and chords, it just didn't feel natural and that works against you, like you'll never master the thing. So what did I do? I took it back to the very basics, slow, accurate, chromatic exercises (1-2-3-4) up and down the fretboard on my acoustic, everyday. Pretty boring right? Well the thing about chromatics is that they are a pretty mindless thing to do, so as long as you go slow and accurate, you can watch television at the same time. The goal is simply more strength and dexterity. If you do 15 minutes of chromatics everyday and nothing else, in two months time you'll notice a difference. Chords, scales, songs will be easier, less flustrating and more fun.

Things to keep in mind.

1. Learning to play guitar is not a race, take your time. If something is giving you trouble you're probably grasping for too much, take it back a notch.

2. Guitar is supposed to be fun. Whatever your weekly practice schedule is be sure that part of the time, just goof around to break up the serious learning. I do a lot of high distortion, power chord wanking to amuse myself, most of it is complete junk, but I stumble upon a few cool riffs every once and a while.

3. ???

4. Profit.

What are your goals in playing the guitar? Mine are to take the solos in my head and be able to play them directly. I'm not there yet, buy I taylor my practicing for that ultimate goal.