I called it Cheater Pumpkin Eater. It just made me feel like a pumpkin eating cheater. Shrug.

It was recorded with my computer headset microphone, aka, very mediocre. I'll get something decent later, but except for the lack of volume, I think this turned out ok.

I put three tracks in it: rhythm, lead, and snaps. Check it out.

Very, very cool man. I really liked it. Just a few tips, think about making the lead a little bit louder, and maybe adding a bridge to stay away from that repetitive feel of the rhythm. But other than that, it was excellent. 9/10.
Yeah, I would have liked to adjust levels a little more, but couldn't boost anything really without adding unwanted fuzz/noise. It's just the bad quality of my mic that I couldn't get a better recording to mess with.

I could have made a bridge or something, but it's only 2 minutes anyway and I just messed with octaves and stuff to try and keep it interesting. But I see what you mean.

Thanks for the feedback.