I'm 17, a senior in high school and I live in garden city, ny. i play the guitar and im lookin to start a punk, ska, or alternative band (perhaps a little of everything.) if u play anything (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) let me know. I also have a pretty good recording set up and there is a rehersal studio right by my high school.
I play guitar and i live on the south shore in suffolk county. but im fifteen, but i still want to start a ska/punk/whatever band
when in doubt just think,
What Would Jello Do
And my school has the highest salary for a multimedia lab in the state (we have a recording studio in our school free to use)
when in doubt just think,
What Would Jello Do
*raises hands* im 15 i live in queens and i live only about 20 minuets away, and im pretty sure thats near new hyde park.

I dunno what you mean by ska/punk

I guess if y ou mean pop/punk like blink 182 and new found glory and stuff count me in.

If its more of the ramones/clash like old s tyle punk count me out pleaes


I play bass and i sing as a mix between patrick stump from fall out boy but i can push m y voice to go to up to craig from chiodos without cracking.