Hi, I need some good advice on press-kit typing, and need to know what all I need to include in one to attract any attention. Anyone know? Please tell me, so I can start working on one for my band! Thanks.
ok, you need:
8x10 photo b&w or color doesnt matter
a 3 song demo cd NOT MORE THAN 3 OF YOUR BEST SONGS i cant stress that point anough
a sticker go with vinyl not paper
your address, email, website myspace, phone number and a list of up comming gigs make it easy for someone to get ahold of you.
after this its up to you. you could send in a t-shirt, 1in button, poster ect.

just make sure you have the first 4 on the list.

EDIT: all art work/photo/cd packaging should be done by a professional; dont worry it really isnt that expensive
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Hey, thanks! Man, that seems like allot, but we'll get it together! Do you know any professionals in California? Again, thanks!