Adam Smith & The Invisible Hand is a highly talented new original rock band from Calgary that needs a drummer to complete our lineup. We are looking for a fourth member, NOT a hired gun... however, we do already have about 15-20 songs written, and the songs are complete enough that we could be gigging within two weeks of finding a drummer.

Influences include Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, Rush, RHCP, Nirvana, Primus, Aerosmith, etc etc etc... just good rock music of any kind. We are not a metal punk or hardcore band.

We need someone who:

-is reliable, talented, available, and dedicated
-is aged 18 to 30
-has his own drums
-has no serious drug or alcohol problems
-your own vehicle is a plus

We have a jam space in SW calgary, and a drum kit that you can try out on (our old drummer will need it back eventually though).

If interested, contact Tom at asstoupee@hotmail.com