So hey,

I recently purchased and installed a Dimarzio Super Distortion onto my Jackson DX10D Dinky (sucha nice neck ^^), but I am planning to also buy a neck pickup for it...its still that crappy duncan designed mudbucker from hell xD, and i heard that some people use the Tone Zone in teh neck. I'm thinking of that or the PAF Pro, any suggestions/past experiences?

ok Part 2)

I'm planning to buy a new amp for christmas but preferably tube....and something that wont make my parents get a second mortgage on the house. I'd play small venues like Battle of the Bands and i play power metal, heavy metal, melodic death metal, and progressive metal, and I dont have any pedals as of yet (the zoom 505II dosnt count...i got it for free...)

All Suggestions/comments welcome.
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I think the ToneZone's output is to high for it to be used as a neck pickup.

+1 Too loud, too bassy and too muddy for a neck pickup....Breed all the way.
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for the amp....preferably under 1000$ and closer to maybe 600-700$. I'm still in school and i have no job so..
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The tone zone will work well with the super dist. Its my set-up on one of my guitars. It is loud and rather bassy and can get muddy though. It sounds great for warm cleans and bluesier overdrive
Used 5150's rarely go for over $700.
You can find some older Mesa/Boogie stuff for under $1,000, probably for under $700 to be honest.
For that kind of music, check out Randall's too. Even though they're mostly solid state, they're still one of the best amps for high gain, balls to the wall riffing.

If it's your parents buying you your new amp, and don't wanna go used, then check out these:

+ an OD pedal.

+ an OD pedal.

+ an OD pedal.




But definitely go used if you can.
Look for used Peavey 5150's/XXX's and some older Mesa models.
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