Poll: Witch amp do you preffer?
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Valveking 212
6 23%
Classic 50
20 77%
Voters: 26.
Havent played eigther but i was looking at getting a valveking 212 in the future but havent gotten to go to try amps out lately.

EDIT: just checked out the classic 50 online and realized it owns
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I've only played the 112 valveking but assuming the 212 sounds similar then the classic 50 definitely gets my vote. I owned one for a year or so and it was an incredible amp for the price.

What sounds are you looking for though?
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What are you playing?

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wasn't there a thread on these two just a few days ago? classic. the vk really has not impressed me at all.
I actually have the classic 50.
First of all, sexy as heck (the tweed version ofcourse), great cleans, great overdrive, and if you change guitars, you can actually hear a huge change. It's real responsive to your playing dynamics, and you can shape your sound with your guitar and tubes. Stock speakers are kinda/sorta/maybe not-that-good, but that is solved easily.
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I prefer the Classic 50 (well, I've played the 30, and I liked that). But they are two pretty different amps, so my opinion might be a little biased in this case.