I'm looking for some honest opinions on the pedal. What are some pros and cons. I really liked the amount of tweakablity and cool effects that could achieved. I also thought that the sound was pretty good. But some people have a grudge against it.
it's a very decent pedal. as you said some very cool effects can be done. squeaky clean repeats, percussive. modern sounding delay. bottom line, it will have a home on some pedalboards and on some it wont.
I went just today to go try a DD-6 out.
Personally, it was a bit disappointing. I don't get why Boss really bothered with so many modes on the span on milliseconds, when you can just set the time with the tap tempo switch. The reverse mode was pretty cool, but would need a bit of time to get used to tweaking. And it took me ages to figuire out how to use the Hold function properly to get it to act like a loop pedal.

Anyways, to me it was a bit of boring pedal, when I know that the Echohead has the reverse and delay functions, along with the multi-tap and analog/tape echo modes.
(Still need to go try an Echohead out though)

Also, for some reason I forgot to try out the Warp mode on the DD-6, lol
i say spend the extra 50 bucks and get a DL4. its EXTREMELy superior to the DD-6. and you get almost 3 times more looping time which is a really useful tool. and the tap tempo and hold stuff is muuuuch easier to use. and you get 3 presets so its like have 3 different delay pedals on your board