Ok...whenever I plug my ipod into my computer, it says the update is complete but it wont add or take off any songs. Is there anyway to fix this or is my ipod just screwed?

Its a mini by the way....yknow...the one they discontinued
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It's an iPod. What did you expect?
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I know all apple products die after a few years

But still...is there any way to save it?
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
check the settings. do you have it set to auto update or is it manual update? if it's manual update, of course it's not going to sync everything, you have to move files over yourself.
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are you saying you wanna take the songs off your ipod?

google a software called ephpod or eph pod, its like a cheaper looking version of itunes, but when you right click a song it has "copy song to directory"

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