Does anyone know how to put ISO's onto a PSP 3.6 (slim & lite)? I'm new to this. I've googled and everything.
to put iso's on a psp you need a custom firmware and to do that you need to downgrade and currently the only way to downgrade is on firmware 3.52 and below. Also i'm not sure if it's even possible to downgrade on the psp slim, so you'll have to wait if it is possible to downgrade on psp slims
Yes you'll need to downgrade the firmware so you can enable Homebrew (HEN-C) then use A version of Dark AleX's firmware and update your PSP with that so you can load the mem stic kwiththe ISOs and laucn them through there. Wlatyhough you have firmware 3.60 I don'tthink you can downgrade that.. yet, though you might have a year or more to wait so.. If I were you I'd look for a differenjt PSP with different firmware (lower firmware) though you might be able to use the Pandora's Jigkick battery trick to lower your firmware, not sure you can do that.

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if u have ofw, use a pandora battery and load the files on a memstick. go 2 3.60m33, then go 2 3.60m33-2. you can get more info about slim cfw at http://www.pspmod.com/forums/psp-hardware-guides/23870-how-create-pandoras-battery-slim-ms-without-fat-psp.html
then just load the memstick with iso's or cso's and bob's ur uncle. or as they say in britan "roborts your father's brother"
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yes you can downgrade it. its called pandoras battery and a jigstick. then you the put custom firmware 3.70 m33 on it.

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When I had a PSP, it was a big deal if you wanted to downgrade from version 2.6. Times have-a-changed.
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like the word "jigstick" i'll have 2 add it 2 my vocab.
u can use any cfw that's above 3.60m33.
anything lower won't work on ur psp due to the lack of the 1.50 kernal
Just because you can speak does not mean you are an intelligent being
you can soft mod a pandora battery, or u can buy one off e-bay.
i suggest googling a site called pspmod.com, the once your at the site read the guides in the hardware or firmware sections.
Just because you can speak does not mean you are an intelligent being