I'm pretty sure I have mighty might buckers. Not that great, and not really worth the money. Probably no better than your stock pickups.
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Dont know what your looking to spend. Do you need actual p90s to fit in a slot for p90s or want to put some in a guitar that doesnt have them. Real p90s wont fit in a humbucker space. And there are 2 different kinds of p90s the ones with dog ears and ones with the screws thru the center of the pickup. And they arent compatable either. So be sure of what your getting.
well,i have a jagmaster and reading a review of the mighty mite on i think zzzounds, some guy put mighty mites on his jagmaster as well. i know they do have humb-sized p90s, but i wanna get soapbars. how much modding will i need to put in soapbars on a jagmaster? or i'm thinking if i go with dogears, do just need to add some extra screw holes?

link http://www.squierguitars.com/products/popup.php?root_dir=&web_root=&img=prod_images/guitars/0320700500_xl.jpg&name=Jagmaster%26trade%3B&node0=0#bottom
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