this is my first time taking somehting i wrote and putting it down on guitar pro. ive only been playing for about a year so dont go to hard on me. guitar pro wouldnt export it right as a wav. so i had to go with midi and sounds as if a robot played it but you will get the general idea. the ending is just something i threw on to finish it up because i couldnt think of a way to keep it flowing well. constructive critizism please!

Try to harmonize a second guitar with it and put some chords underneath and then you'll be on your way. It's all about experimenting at your stage of the game, I remember my first song (which of course sucked) was just a arpeggiated chord progression with some slides and stuff (of course I thought I was awesome...but I had only been playing for two weeks so whaddya gonna do, it sucked hahaha). It's hard to critique such a small piece of material but I would say write another line in the exact same rhythm just one string higher harmonized in say thirds.


(what the other guy did was actually pretty awesome, maybe do that once and then harmonize on the second pass, even change the last note to ascending as opposed to descending). Just keep chipping away at it and you'll have a song in no time.

Crit mine?