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Mini Q-Tron
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so my B-day is Dec 26.. this means im sometimes able to talk my mum into buying me one large gift instead of a bunch of lil ones.. last year it was a mixer, year before that it was a Wah. so what should i ask for this year?

the Mini Q-Tron the Pulsar the Wiggler ?

ive also thought about the English Muff'n..
Hey! Mine's on the 21st! Woot! I've been able to talk my parents into getting me a C-1 Classic. Best Christmas ever!
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in skool... did you used to answer E.. when there were only A B C and D?

nope, i would answer Q
lol. since this threads already off topic, i might get a 535q this christmas from my mom.
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lol diversity in UGers:

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this thread is not off topic..

theres just more retards in UG that i had hoped..

im really torn between the pulsar and the wiggler... the wiggler sounds insane, but the pulsar seems really "smart"

also.. i have the Tube Zipper .. so the Q-tron is a lil redundant.