For sale is my AMT Distortion Station DT2 analog pedal, which according to the manufacturer is hand-made in west siberia! It is essentially a hard rock/ metal pedal, and there are some great tones in this little box.

Apologies or the bad picture; i will explain the controls on the pedal a little. There are 4 knobs at the top. Level, Low, High and Drive - depending on the amp model you are using, on one, the drive can sound like classic AC/DC, and 10 can sound like dimebag. There is a very wide range of sounds to be had from this because of the amp models.. let me explain.

Beneath the 4 knobs are 3 sets of switches. The furthest right controls the amp model. We have California (Heavy Mesa type sound) British (marshall type sound) and tweed (fender type sound). The knob next to this on the left is for selecting which "mod" you would like for it. There is clean (which is like running a mesa which hasnt got a mod.... it doesnt mean clean... you can still get heavy metal just from this!), hi gain (like a high gain marshall on british setting.... quite JCM800) and Hot wired (which to use the example of the british again, sounds like a hot rodded Marshall amp)

Then, the furthest left switch allows you to choose the positioning of the mic on the cabinet sim (this pedal is great for recording, but the tweakable mic positions on the cabinet sim when used with a normal amp simply allow for greater tonal flexibility) These are between classic, center and off axis, and all help shape your tone further.

There is a wide range of great sounds to be had from this pedal. Check out the clips at www.amtelectronics.com

I am selling for £65 because i dont feel i have a use for it now I have a JCM800 - it still sounds fantastic through the JCM800, but i need the money!! You cant get these in the UK, you have to pay usually over £100 to have them imported, so if you are interested in a bargain, post here or PM me.


edit: would prefer a paypal transaction and will ship royal mail with insurance for the full £65
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agreed! You should see my JCM800 though :P

75 including insured shipping is a good price!
its probably not worth it US - by the time you add the large shipping your getting close to what you can get if for off music123.com which does free shipping i believe? Its good value in the UK as you have to import and gear unless it is marshall or laney is more expensive over here
There is a local guitar shop that carries those pedals, they sound amazing! (in case anyone was wondering)
Trade for blue lace sensor and SD hotrails?
I know you're in the UK, but i could pay for shipping if needed.
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