reacently i have been thinking of going to school to learn how to build guitars, and possibly become a luthier...

I was woundering if anybody on the forums knows how hard it is to break into that industry... how much does the average luthier make? is there alot of competittion? is it hard to find a job? anybody know of any websites where i can read about the industry? that sort of thing....

There is no such thing as the average luthier. Some luthiers make a very comfortable living while others have to keep a day job because they don't make enough from their guitars. Unfortunatly being successful has more to do with marketing than making good guitars.

A couple good places to start looking are www.mimf.com and www.luthierforum.com
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Probably the best thing to do if you were considering it would be to have a chat to any luthiers attached to local stores, as that is probably the most average luthier you get.
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