How do I replace a nut on a strat? I'm mainly worried about taking it off, but then putting it in could be hard too... It looks like it's in there pretty tight, and it also looks like it's glued on. I need to replace it cause the lanes are too small, i've got .11's on it, and the guitar came with .09's.. Maybe I can also widen the lanes, any tips on how to do that?

thanks in advance.
Blues Power
Its not so easy to widen the slots with out making them deeper. The files to do it arent cheap. And a new nut will have the same narrow slots. The trick to getting them out is a sharp wack to the side of the nut. You also have to watch nuts as there are flat and round bottom ones for strats and different fret board radius. Your best bet is to find a qualified music store to do it for you. If you make the slots to deep it will really screw up the action.