so far ive got a

gibson sg > crybaby > ts9 > HBE full metal jacket > DL4 > VK112

I play some metal/hardcore/ambient/hard rock/rock.

i was thinking a noise gate but that seems like no fun to play with (even though my hiss is pretty bad)

I dont know what i want so ill tell you what i dont want . I hate chorus'. dont ask why cus i dont really know either. I dont see a point in me using a phaser cus it only seems like i would need it if i play classic rock or something. and i pretty much dont want anything like any of those 2 i guess.

lets keep it at a budget of under 200. i spent alot of money on that DL4 haha but it was definately worth it.

thanks alot guys. any help is good
Noise gate. If there's hiss (and there is), you NEED one. It's not a question of wanting to play around, it's one of necessity before the hiss gets unbearable.

Try ISP Decimator, Boss NS-2.
mmm ic. i dont gig or anything so its not that much of a necessity. and i guess i was exagerting about how bad it was.il get on eventually but right now i just want something to toy with. anyting else i should consider.
Bad luck, I would have said chorus, flange or delay...

There the only ones I want, so I can't help you really.