Ok so a year or so ago, my dad went crazy and was saying that he was going to start playing keyboard again, but first he had to buy a whole bunch of stuff. So he bought a keyboard and this tascam Us-122 thing.

Now, I gather that this US -122 thing can be used to record music.
It came with some CDs which I have no idea what they do/are.
They are:
- Gigastudio3.0 (made by Tascam)
- Sonar LE (made by cakewalk)
- US Series CD-ROM (Tascam). I assume that this is just the software required to make the thing actually work.

So my questions are:
A) Which program is best for recording guitar?
B) How do I actually set it up to record my guitar?

If there is a better free program I could use, please post it.