So I've been playing acoustic lately after my last band broke up, but I'm getting a little bored and want to start a new band. I've been playing drums for 15 years, but for the last 5 or 6 years have been focusing on guitar/vocals in punk/rock band settings:
Taking Back Sunday
Blink 182
I think I'm looking for drummer/bassist/second guitarist (lead).
You can hear my acoustic stuff here: www.myspace.com/startwearingpurplemusic
or my old band from a few years ago: www.myspace.com/efendi

Members like 18-20ish

email me @ barry_aaron@hotmail.com
Yo dude, I'd be interested. I moved to London in the summer, and I've been looking to get back into music. I played in bands in Toronto before moving north of the city, I haven't gigged much in a few years now. Definitely something I want to do again.

I play guitar mostly, but could play bass easily enough, I'd just need to get my hands on the gear. I can sing alright too, for a backup situation. I'm older than 18-20.
I loved you so much; do me a favour, baby, don't reply...
It's all good...im 20 myself....basically like 18-25 or so, and as long as your not a douche bag its all good. ive been in a lot of band situations and chemistry is definately top priority. I typically play rythym guitar (mmm...power chords) because I focus on singing alot, so guitarist, I'm looking for a lead player, or someone to complement my playing.