hello members,

I bought my Ibanez RG321 earlier this year and I haven't got round to cleaning the knobs yet. I dont know what to use to do this. They r incredibly grimey and i dare not try anything without consulting you pros first. I tried taking a picture to show you but the image was too glared. Thanks for your time.
What do you want to do exactly? clean the top of the knobs, or take the knobs off and clean under it?
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clean the actual knobs, they are silver ones. Just very grimey now in appearencee. the machineheads are exactly the same.
Try some metal polish or something of the like, its shouldnt harm your finish or anything eigther but just to be safe dont god it on your guitar knobs. Just get a cloth and a little polish and rub. Problem solved
Ty Grange mate. Ive heard of something like lemon oil etc or is that a completely diff thing im thinking about?
If its really grimey, you can use an old toothbrush.

And yea, lemon oil can be used to clean the fretboard.
Been away, am back