I currently have a Randall RG100SC, it's great and I'll proboly keep it for quite a while yet, but what would be another good good randall maybe a little bit bigger. 150 or 200watt. I play a lot of different stuff, ranging from pop rock (eg Motioncity Soundtrack) to death metal or grind (Job for a cowboy, See you next tuesday) and even some blues and jazzy stuff.
The RG100SC is pretty good for all of that, but I bought it second hand, and the higher pitched noise (from the bottom couple strings) isn't as loud now. That and the clean channel are pretty much the only things that i'm not crazy about, allthough they pretty good.
Why do you need something bigger? 150-200 watts is overkill, even for a solid state amp.

If you want another Randall amp, look at the RG50TC. It's a 50 watt valve combo. Loud enough for gigging, has good cleans and good overdrive and would be perfect for metal.
isn't 50 tube combo about the same as 150 - 200 solid state?
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