I played a Vox 15w valvetronix at the store the other day, the one with 11 different effects . I am debating between this and the Kustom 12w tube amp. The Kustom sounds like a pretty good deal, anyone have experience with this practice amp, compared to the vox how does it fair?
The Kustom isn't a tube amp. Both amps have a single 12AX7 in the circuit to warm up the sound. If you're just looking for a bedroom amp, it's proably not too bad for $99. If you want anything more from it, I'd suggest you put together enough cash to get a Vox AD30VT. The 30W model has a 10" speaker, an attenuator on the back to get better tones at lower volumes, and enough power available for jamming/small gigs, etc. Well worth the $50 more than the AD15, IMHO.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I have the Kustom tube 12! Its really nice for a practice amp, has a nice clean sound, I play through the clean(distortion button off,shift button off) and use pedals in front of it for different types of sounds. I also swapped the stock (no name) tube for an EH 12AX7 Tube and use the amp it with a 1x12 Epiphone Valve Junior extension cab. I got mine for $95 CDN and I don't think I wasted my $95! I tried the Vox AD30VT: 30-watt 1x10" speaker and I think it sounded good also, but I just wanted something simple since I use effect pedals.