Ok so im having a bit of a clear out of stuff im not using... time to put the zoom mrs-8 8 track digital recorder up for sale.... all to fund this JCM800! (its worth it)

The zoom comes in great condition, as you can see from the pictures. It comes with a 1GB SD card so you can record endless amounts of music (dont hold me to that.... but it is a big memory card) It also comes with original manual and a power supply which is a replacement (has anyone else had problems with zoom power supplies?! i had to replace my 505IIs back in the day when I had that!)

To be honest, i dont know much about this... recording isnt my strong point, i can never be bothered. The sound quality from it is good though - i think there is a video on youtube of someone who recorded a song on one of these, type in zoom mrs8 and you should find it - sound quality is great for the price. Its a great little unit, i just dont use it enough to justify keeping it - i cant sing so id only end up recording backing music anyway!

There are tonnes of built in effects, 10 virtual takes for each track, and a drum pad which is simply fun!! it works really well though, as there are over 300 drum tracks, so if you choose a simple one with bass and snare, you can add the complicated bits but without you having to do if from scratch pressing the bass and snare buttons - gives you more free fingers to be creative.... i was impressed by this.

A great little unit that retails at £200 (including shipping) - it can be yours for £140 including shipping, i just want a quick sale! it is in excellent condition.

Thanks for looking
zoom angle.jpg