Hi there!

I'm new to all this, so I do apologise if this is in the wrong place or something.

I've been recording on and off for around 5/6 years (mostly with mediocre equipment).

Recently, people have been saying that I should take it further and start recording near to CD quality.


I have bought myself a new acoustic, a new audio interface, a new/ish computer, cables etcetc - basically, everything I need;


I need a new microphone.

I currently own a Behringer C-1 condenser. It does the job, but I want to go further.

My budget is around £130/240$.

It's mainly for Vocals and strumming guitar. That is all.

Anyone help?

Many thanks!!!

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i'm don't know too much about mic's, but personally i use a sure sm58 dynamic. it's good for pretty much everything
Definitely for that price range I'd be looking at the SM57, it's below your max price but you'll be hard put to find a better one unless you want to go higher.

looking into this..

im not too sure at the mo!

reviews say it's not the "best" for vocals and acoustic guitar.. but it will do the job.

^ this isn't what i'd want...

i'd want something that is brilliant for vocals and acoustic..?

many thanks


what about the Rode NT1a?
has anybody got one of these?
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Wrong forum. Check the riffs and recordings subforum, they would be much better off answering this question, imo.

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