well my cables get all tangled up, not like they make knots, but you lay them down on the floor and they get all curled up, this causes allot of white noise and then sometimes you can't even hear the guitar, i would buy a new one, but this happens to the cables after 2 weeks, and its getting annoying.. other then spreading em out (witch SORT OF works but i mean, the calbes are going around my desk bed and all over the room, and i see people that just have em on the floor and they don't curl up...) what can i do to stop this? is it the cable?

Dont buy cheap cables, ive used monster cables since i started playing, 7 years and they still have no problems what so ever
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Don't buy Monster cables though; that company is run by a bunch of assholes .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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yeah i guessed that was the problem, but down here in uruguay, we don't have much of a variety to choose from T_T
Make sure you wind them up neatly when youre not using them. And when you wind it up, wind it in around your arm or something - so that the wires inside dont snap (cos thats why they cut out/crackle)
So yeah, some thread necromancy here but I figured it'd be better to search than open yet again a new thread for something that may have already been asked.

Anyway, when I don't play I leave my cable in the amp and the other end on the floor, with a pedal inbetween. Problem: the cable that goes from the pedal to my guitar is alot longer than necessary and curls up a lot. Not a tremendous strain but I find it annoying to have to kick the cable around when walking through my room with my guitar around my neck.

Is there any way to have it uncurl and not have to wind it up every time I don't play? If there's no detrimental effects to the cable I'd rather just leave it in the amp/pedal so I only have to plug in 1 side/don't have to take out, unwind and rewind the cable every time I just want to play a tune.
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