Okay, so I saw Jethro Tull live 2 years ago in Atlanta. I didn't really listen to any of their stuff before hand, I had only heard of them. I'm going up to Atlanta to see them jam this December. Despite the fact that I've seen Heaven and Hell, Alice Cooper and Roger Water this year, I've been more excited about seeing the Pied Piper on stage dancing on one leg. And as a newly discovered guitarist, I am DYING to see/hear Martin Barre play again.

I'm a young guy, just turned 25 in Sept. But I was blessed with rocker parents who grew up with KISS, Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Moutain etc.

But with that in mind, I'd like some advice. I don't necessarily want to emulate Tull at all. I am definantly inspired by Ian Anderson's musical genius and I want to learn what I can and attempt to try my own ideas based on what he has done and composed. Not to mention I LOVE the hybrid medieval folk/rock sound and I am dying to learn properly.

Any suggestions on literature, web sites etc would be awesome. This thread is also open to discussing this dynamic band that has lived on through two generations.
i saw Jethro Tull last june, it was epic.

hm, i've been wondering, too, how to achieve this kind of celtic folk sound. i'd suggest maybe looking into traditional celtic music? play it, understand it, use it, blend it. don't have any other suggestions, though