ok this ones nameless for now.. been thinking of callin it Cant Be Held Down

Same ol story but somethin's wrong
Crazy lil love tale i wrote just for a song
Lil Johnny loves Mary Jo
But he'll break her heart and then be on the go
i know now hell be pissed as hell
and ill tell you why if you promise not to tell
O he'll want her back in about a month or two
Heres a lil secret just for me n you..

Mary Jo aint goin back
she left his mansion and found my shack
Mary jo aint goin back
she left his mansion for my shack

Forget about mary let me tell you 'bout Claire
My Southern beauty with long, blonde hair
shed hold me close and tell me we were one.
i said "come on baby i'm only havin fun"
then i told her father i wanted her hand
and lost my love when i started a rock band
i left her there on the side of the road
never knew i could be so cold

Sorry Claire, but i wont return
that midnight oil is mine to burn [x2]

Had me a girl they called Sweet Jenny
i always knew she wouldnt be true to me
she left me when i let my guard down
and proceeded to ***** her self around town
yea i went back but just to get revenge
though its not how i wanted it to end
she left town and left my mind
after all she was only wasted time

Good riddance to Sweet Jenny
I cant believe you got to me
Good riddance, Sweet Jenny
I cant believe i let you get to me

Lil Stella had a bun in the oven
she just couldnt get enough of my lovin
I prayed to gods that i dont believe in
that the child was not of my kin
When she returned with results to the test
it was as if a mountain was lifted off my chest
she was blind to think that id stay
even if it was mine i wouldve run away

Stella, I cant be held down
I cant believe you thought id stick around
No Stella! i wont be held down
How dare you ask me to stick around

(continues in chorus)
Stella, i wont be held down!
Even if the little fvcker was mine i wouldnt have stuck around!

And good riddance to that slut Jenny
Ahhh how the fvck did you get to me!?

Sorry Claire, but i wont return
Thats just somehting youll have to learn

Mary Jo aint commin back
you can guess shes already gone and left my shack

...like i said i dislike the first verse, but the song does crack me up, and my buddies say its a good one