This is not a song.. but i don't know what to call.. and it's not a good one also..

Verse 1

I can't believe its still hurting me
Isn't fifteen pills enough?
Do I have a chance to see?
A light that I will never forget
Why are you still inside my head?
You made me regret at my best
Your voice once made me perfect
But now it made me so dead

It won't hurt so much, the pain is great
How'd you feel when you break?
You laughed besides me with my heart
The curse is reversed, now it's your turn..

Verse 2

Now I see what you want from me
I gave you my love but it's not worth
Your eyes told you thought I was lost
But don't you know that I am not
Your voice is screaming in my head
But I'll take it as a consequence
I will slit your heart, the way you did
I will bleed you out, the way you did
Now It's Your Turn

thats what I would choose based on those lyrics

so theres my 2 cents... do with them what you will
Bassist: BC Rich Warlock (Platinium)

I'm a lefty

Killing is so much easier than forgiving... So much more fun too