I'm thinking about putting a bigsby b5 on my Gibson SG standard. Are there any downsides to this? I will of course get a roller bridge and most likely a new nut/tuners. Has anyone out there done this before that would like to comment? Thanks!
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I wouldn't do it myself, due to devaluing the guitar, but its not a bad idea and shouldn't cause any problems or anything.

Would sound nice too

What about buying an SG with the Maestro, as i don't think you can get one with a bigsby, cause by the time you have bought the parts and paid to get it fitted you'll be out a right bit of money and could maybe pick up a secondhand trem model.
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Well the resale value on my SG is totally shot. The back has some deep scrapes, the horns are chipped, my pick removed the finish from the inside of the top horn (yay ska music!) and there are aftermarket electronics inside it (onboard OD) so I'm not worried about that.

Would it make more sense to get a Tele and fit it with a Bigsby, since I don't have any single coil guitars?
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Anyone know where you can buy Maestro Tremolos? Apart from eBay of course. I'm getting an SG in a month's time and I think a vintage looking whammy would be a great addition, it'd lend greater versatility to an already brilliant guitar.
Try googling it. I ran into a few while looking up Bigsbys.
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I'd save up alot, then spend it on a really nice new Gibson. Then put a bigsby on it, and it would look EPIC.

Edit: OOOOH, put a nice gold bigsby on a dark brown les Paul double cut.

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As an owner of an SG, and a Bigsby, I would tell you the following things:

Unless you're playing some sort of 50's Buddy Holly-Elvis sort of deal, the Bigsby is not for you. I got one knowing it was no Floyd Rose, but expecting to be able to pull off some nice David Gilmour type vibrato. No dice. They don't move very smoothly, and are very loose, it is hard to do anything but light vibrato on open chords.

Keep in mine that I have this on a very heavy, solid Les Paul with Grover tuners, and it goes out of tune way too fast, so I imagine it would be awful on an SG.

Also, replacing your tuners will do nothing, unless you don't like the way they look.

My recommendation would be to either get the vibrola I showed above, get a strat, give up the idea altogether, or get a Les Trem, or something like that.

The truth is, Bigsbys look cool, but there's a reason other vibrato systems were invented.
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When I was collecting old Gibsons I steered clear of any that were modified. If they had new pups I would ask if they had the old ones still. Sometimes I would luck out and they still had them other times I would get a lot of the price and I would find some originals to replace the replacements. If you want to do it and not worried about devaluing the guitar that's fine. I have played some with the Bigsby tailpiece and never liked them again if the price was right and it was original I bought them for a quick turn around.

If you want to play rockabilly or anything like that it would be pretty amazing... It's really a matter of whether it would be appropriate for you, as I quite like the idea of an SG body with a bigsby.
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There was write up in one of the guitar mags recently about a new SG with that style tremolo. They said it want out of tune all the time. Even if not using it. I know somebody who has an old SG in that style and it wont stay in tune at all. I have never heard anything good about bigsbys. And all they are good for is vibrato. I know stew mac has a replacement stop piece that will accomplish the same thing doesnt require drilling any holes and is easy to switch back.
Khaler has a whammy bar that goes on a tune o matic with no body rout. I think.
I'd look at a Tele Custom double bound with a Bigsby. I have three guitars with Bigsbys and I really like 'em. They are NOT Floyd Rose's or for "dive bombing" but, I would tell you that anyone that says "it won't stay in tune" either doesn't know how to use one or.. the guitar or Bigsby is NOT set up correctly. My 345 NEVER goes out, neither does my tele or my Les Paul.