Has any of you played this pedal (Analogman Sunface Fuzz)?

If so, can you tell me If it can get Hendrix, Vaughan, Cream and Zeppelin sounds?

In addition, Is there a real loss of bass frequencies as some say?
It's a fuzz face clone. It will do cream and hendrix since they used the fuzz face. SRV and zeppelin did not so you will have a more difficult time finding those sounds in that pedal. There's plenty of bass, I doubt you'll have to worry about that.
I have the Sun Lion, which has the Sun Face as one side of the pedal. It nails vintage fuzz. Does Hendrix and Cream to perfection. It's a true clone of the original Fuzz Face, right down to the dollar store batteries they suggest you install in the pedal.

It's very responsive to your guitar's volume control. With the fuzz control and guitar both all the way up it's -well- very fuzzy. That could translate as a loss of bass, I suppose. Rolling off slightly brings that definition right back, though.
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Perfect! Thank you very much!

SRV fuzz doesn´t matter as he almost always used TS-9 and I own one :d, but, what do you say about Jimmy Page´s fuzz. What fuzz could give me that sound?