Hi guys!

I am struggling for quite some time with this now: it's no problem to mute strings (= dead notes) when you play some barre chord, I can simply mute it with the left hand then. But it's more difficult with open chords (e.g. E minor). On downstrokes I can mute the strings with the edge of my right hand. But how can I mute it on upstrokes?!

I know this sounds strange.

Also I wonder, is it okay to hold the pick with thumb, index AND middle finger? I find it easier when playing rhythm.
lol, screw it eh? just keep working with it, eventually it all starts to become natural. you can read and read and read about how to hold a pick the right way but you really just have to find out for yourself through practice and trial n error...
I didn't know people muted on up-strokes. I would just down-stroke it and palm mute it. But that's just me.
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try using more of your wrist when upstroking. haha that's sounds kinda funny, but that's what you gotta do. rest your whole hand on the stings at all times and use fingers and wrist s to get what you want, it may take some time but once you get it. that's all you'll be doing. heehee
as for your pick? well what'ever is comfortable and feels good for you.
holding the pick like that is poor for lead, but thats fine for rhythm. My advice would to either practice upstroke muting, or just do faster downstrokes.
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Okay, thanks for all the answers. It's no problem for me to hold the pick "normally" when playing lead, it's just hard to palm mute all six strings at once when holding it that way.

Doing faster Downstrokes is not an alternative when playing something like that:
          |--3-|       |--3-|   
     Q    Q    E  Q    Q    E   

I guess I'll practice upstroke palm muting then... it's hard.